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Our doors are open, and we are accepting new applications for membership. Become a member, meet awesome people, and enjoy priority access to one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and elevating locations in the world.

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When can I visit you guys? And, what the heck is an Elevationist? We know you probably have some questions. Well, we have some answers.

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A Fresh New Look

Legendary LA street artist Kenny Scharf flew to Denver for 24 hours. At a breathtaking pace he partook of the sacrament, painted this beautiful mural on the facade of the International Church of Cannabis, and then just left - like a ninja.

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If you believe cannabis consumers deserve a spiritual home, and you want this church to be an international symbol of our religious freedom, please donate, so we can keep this dream alive.

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Cannabis Weddings

Our Church is a colorful, captivating location for any cool couple, and up to 200 guests, to celebrate their nuptials. Will you thrill your friends and get married in a world-class art destination?

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Contact Us

We hope you can come visit and experience the glory of our chapel in person, but, in the meantime, you can go ahead and drop us a line. All you have to do is press...

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